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OCTOBER 1 - 8, 2018


A true report of Wonder Up A World, a one-week international wandering artist residency, from curator Jocelyn Claire Burke

A true report of Wonder Up A World, a one-week international wandering artist residency, from curator Jocelyn Claire Burke


View from Ravello, on Italy's Amalfi Coast


In this formative residency of The Wild: Artist In Residence, we invite painters, writers, musicians, photographers, dancers, sculptors, social interveners, multi-media artists, CURATORS, poets, filmmakers, philosophers, and creatives of all disciplines to

dream the first dreams

plant the first seeds

& imagine new futures

re-imagine your own personal NARRATIVE, CREATIVE mythology, ARTS practice, or DREAM project.



While we take time to explore and conceive of new perspectives, narratives, mythologies, and possibilities for our own art practice or dream project, we will share in selected readings, curator talks, group discussions, and resources to create an incubator for new ideas and approaches in the global contemporary art-world.

In the Wilds of Amalfi, we will immerse ourselves in the sensory pleasures of our natural surroundings and connect with the wild energies that nurture creation through educational wild plant hikes, farm visits, shared meals, and trips to the trails, towns, and beaches that dot this wild coast.

While our schedule favours free time for internal and external exploration, our time together will serve to introduce like minds and form new connections, infusing our awareness with exponential perspective and sense of possibility. 

* * * 

IN SO DOING, WE WILL be the sparks for what this interdisciplinary, thematically evolving, nomadic wilderness residency will create and become.


Wandering through the wilds of 'The Divine Coast' and UNESCO World Heritage Site, immersed in the natural and cultural wonders of this vertical landscape, a small group of creative thinkers will be invited to make pilgrimage to the winding cliffs near one of the smallest villages in Italy.  Beyond these wilds, we explore Ravello, Atrani, La Valle Dragone, Maiori, Minori, Furore, Positano, and the famous il Sentiero Degli Dei: the Walk Of The Gods trail high above the Tyrrhenian Sea.  

Carl Frederic Aagaard, Pergola in Amalfi

Carl Frederic Aagaard, Pergola in Amalfi

These paradisiacal natural landscapes and wondrous cultural histories have drawn creatives to wellsprings of inspiration from the times of the Etruscans and ancient Greeks. St. Francis of Assisi, the world's first naturalist, gave blessings to this heavenly place and was followed in modern times by Wagner, Virginia Woolfe and the Bloomsbury Group, M.C. Escher, John Steinbeck, Jackie O, and stars of Old Hollywood; as well as countless notable artists, writers, and musicians of the 20th Century who have sought creative divinity in Ravello: the "Citta della Musica", the Island of Capri, and the spectacular coastlines in-between.  

M.C. Escher

M.C. Escher

It is a dream place that isn’t quite real when you are there and becomes beckoningly real after you have gone
— john steinbeck

High above the sparkling sea, in a place that is said to exist between heaven and earth...

Re-imagine your reality.

Shift you perspective.

Wonder Up A World.


While exploring the wonders of the past, we are free to conceive of new possible futures  

As we expand and delight our physical senses, we will play host to challenging questions through suggested readings, site-specific research, personal reflection, group conversation, and individual work.  Separately and together, we will consider one or more of the following:  


What defines 'possibility'?

If given a kingdom, what would you create?

What do you dream when not defined by time, context, or resources?

What are other, possible, unmapped routes to where you want to take your life and art practice?

In what places do you feel the most yourself?  How can you: re-map the path, re-colour the palette, transcribe the key, (in your life and in your art practice), between how you feel there and elsewhere?

Do you receive or bestow your sense of place?  What does it look like, to hold that space?  

How can places be experienced without being changed?  How are places changed by our experience?  

How is meaning made through our memories? How are memories coloured by our experiences?  

How can your history be honoured or reconsidered to shine a brighter light on the experience of your present and the possibilities of your future?



Observation, discussion, exploration, immersion and adventure are essential components of this creative practice, with a balance of retreat and connection creating an optimal space for inspired research and transformative work.

Group exploration and adventure will be countered by time for personal work and reflection.  Occasional activities such as scheduled hikes, talks, and shared meals provide connection and support, and are the only suggested participatory requirements of the residency.

Artists in Residence are supported and encouraged to conspire and develop their own project or create independent work in tandem with the curatorial themes being considered.  




  • Project development consultation and curatorial support.

  • Lectures, talks, group discussion, mastermind skill-share.

  • Thematically curated suggested readings and resources.

  • Free time for research, exploration, pleasure, and creation.


  • Inspiring accommodations (shared twin, double, or private rooms) in a X Century Byzantine Monastery. Carved out of the cliffs, suspended over the sea near one of the smallest villages in Italy, our historic home is above three floors of well-preserved frescoes created over three centuries.

  • Wifi, kitchen, linens, indoor fireplace, outdoor grill, and two separate rooftop terraces: one high over the ocean in full sunlight, the other shaded in a natural grotto.

  • Shared indoor and outdoor living space for both independent and group work. While conventional studio space is not provided, the wilderness is our laboratory, the dining room our drawing room, the living room our library, and the two private terraces are our shared reflection, connection, and creation spaces.

  • On the first morning of the residency, each participant will receive a one-on-one consult with the curators to talk about their needs and expectations for the week. For example, if an artist would like to work on some painting on our private terrace, and another artist would like to reserve the same space for dance or movement work, the curators will work with the group and schedule to assist and support artists in meeting any needs and expectations in the best way possible.

  • Onsite café on a terrace below our residence is available for a la carte: coffee, afternoon cocktails or a sunset nightcap without leaving home.


  • Unlimited use public bus pass on weekdays for personal exploration of the coastal towns and villages via local SITA bus, which stops regularly on the road just below the residence and visits most other stops along the coast hourly.

  • Private van and driver to our group wild-food hiking excursion above Positano.

  • Assistance with pickup locally from public transit upon arrival and departure.

*Airfare and transportation to and from the Amalfi Coast residency location is the responsibility of the artist.


  • Breakfast and one other meal is provided daily.

  • All meals listed in the schedule are included.

  • Depending on the days activities, we alternate between shared meals and self catering or local culinary exploration. Home cooked or picnic lunches some days and family-style dinners other nights bring us together throughout the week to share in a feast of the local fields, farms, and sea. This meeting of the minds and breaking bread together fuels our connection and inspiration, while allowing for enjoyment of the countless local restaurants and café's during free time in-between.


  • Guided teaching hikes including Il Sentiero Degli Dei: The Walk Of The Gods.

  • Wild food foraging education hike.

  • Visit to a working farm.

  • Outdoor wild food cooking class.

  • Local wine and liqueur tastings.

  • Excursions to Minori, Ravello, Atrani, Furore, Nocelle, Montepertuso, and Positano.

Local restaurants, public transportation, shops and grocery stores, as well as many historic sites such as Churches, Villa Rufalo and Villa Cimbrone are nearby.

Excursions may be arranged at extra cost to: the isle of Capri, coastal kayaking, a night of music, or whatever you like.  

Other provisions or assistance may be arranged by request.    




your hosts

Your fellow dreamers, curatorial team, organizers and hosts have come together to Wonder Up A World and support you on this creative journey with project development, suggested readings, shared resources, nourishing meals, and logistics assistance for your week experiencing the coast.

At The Wild: Artist In Residence, we align our curatorial collaborations with a pursuit to honour wild ecologies, international communities, personal histories, & diverse cultures.

jocelyn claire burke : artist, curator + co-Founder - the wild: artist in residence

Painter, mixed media artist, writer, and entrepreneur Jocelyn Claire Burke founded her curatorial project The Wild: Artist In Residence from a desire to support and connect fellow artists while collaborating with, and fostering the strength of, creative communities and our connection to the natural world.  A longtime music-community supporter and wilderness adventurer, Jocelyn has worked as a retreat coordinator and experience designer for private clients.   

Jocelyn holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Art History and Studio Art from the University of Guelph, and certificates in both the Contemporary Art & Venice Biennale programs at the European Cultural Academy in Venice, Italy.  While many people have told her she should be a teacher, for some reason she has resisted this advice, and finds most of her creative fulfillment in noticing connections in people and places that create exponential opportunities by combining unexpected elements.  

Wonder Up A World is Jocelyn's meta-exploration of her own curatorial dreams for what this nomadic wilderness residency will eventually become, and she is thrilled to invite an inspiring group of creatives to be supported in dreaming up their own worlds, too.





Research Strategist, Designer, and Creative Kristin Schwartz is a Senior User Experience Research (UXR) Strategist at Google in California.  Kristin holds a Bachelor of Industrial Design from OCAD University, and has worked as a consultant in Graphic Design, Industrial Design, Business Design, and Service Design.  Kristin specializes in qualitative research; uncovering deeply human needs, and translating them into successful action!  Kristin finds immense joy in her strong abilities to recognize unique professional development opportunities; she’s looking forward to sharing her skills with those interested during the residency, and to take part in a workshop to accelerate your creative career in unexpected, exciting ways!  Always keen on anticipating needs and finding creative solutions, Kristin's infectious positivity will be there to support Artists in Residence with on-site logistics and warm hospitality.


MARIBELLE BIERENS : guest curator

Art historian, writer and critic Maribelle Bierens holds a degree in Art History from the University of Amsterdam and has worked as Exhibitions Assistant at A.I.R. Gallery (Artist In Residence Gallery) in New York City; the first all-female artist-cooperative gallery in the United States, founded as a non-profit self-underwritten arts-organization in 1972.  Maribelle  is the author of the weekly contemporary art blog 'Questions and Art', in which she works to demystify and untangle the intersections between contemporary art and politics, to help make art a more accessible tool with the power to subvert polarized attitudes and fight oppression in present-day society.  As Guest Curator of Wonder Up A World, Maribelle will assist with artist selection and provide thematically curated suggested readings and resources for Artists In Residence remotely from her post in London, U.K., where she will be beginning a Research Masters Degree at Central Saint Martins. We look forward to a live video Q and A of Questions and Art with Maribelle during Wonder Up A World.




Teacher, negotiator, speaker, facilitator, performer, author, and artist Misha Glouberman lends his perspective on communication, negotiation, and the nuanced intersection of realities in human relationships to Wonder Up A World in an adapted presentation of his popular course: How To Talk To People About Things. He is the author, with Sheila Heti, of the book The Chairs Are Where the People Go, which the New Yorker named as one of its top nonfiction books of 2011 and described as "a triumph of what might be called conversational philosophy." In addition to teaching negotiation and communication skills to hundreds of people, Misha has taught classes in improvised music and theatre, worked as a database designer, and has a degree in philosophy from Harvard. His interest in how people connect extends into his work as a performer and artist. Every month he hosts Trampoline Hall, a barroom lecture series that has been popular with the arts and literary set in Toronto and New York for well over a decade. His instructions on how to ask a good question at a public event were published in the New York Times Magazine. His Terrible Noises for Beautiful People is a playful series of participatory sound events for non-musicians. After setting up chairs and assisting Misha for a few series his negotiation courses, Jocelyn is proud to collaborate in presentation of Misha’s ideas and work for Artists in Residence at Wonder Up A World.  



Application to attend 'Wonder Up A World' curated thematic artist residency is free.  

Following submission of the application form and supporting documents, selected artists will receive a phone interview, after which letters of invitation are sent to awarded artists.

Presentation of finished work is optional.  Rather, Artists In Residence will be invited to contribute something of their experience to an archive of 'Wonder Up A World' in The Wilds of the Amalfi Coast.  

Creative partners as well as individuals are equally encouraged to apply.

Because of the ancient stairways and dramatic elevations that connect these wild landscapes, physical mobility is required to participate in this residency.  

Total cost for this 8 night artist residency and adventure retreat including seaside accommodations, all programming, three hiking excursions, weekday transportation, and two daily meals:

  • Shared twin room $1950 CAD per person.

  • Private double room $2650 CAD per person.

A deposit of 20% is due to secure invitation by July 19th 2018.

A deposit of 50% of the remainder is due August 19th 2018.

The remaining balance is due September 19th 2018.  

Payment plans are available.  If costs are prohibitive, please email us. 

We support artists in acquiring funding from their local governments and arts organizations by providing letters of invitation and support for travel and project grant applications.

Artists in Residence are responsible for their own creation materials and supplies, airfare and ground transportation to and from the residence, mandatory travel insurance, 1 self-catered meal per day, and any extra excursions not listed in the schedule.



submit your application by july 9th 2018



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