The Wild: Artist in Residence is located in a few places in the wilderness of Canada;  why is the first travelling residency happening in Italy?  Why the Amalfi Coast?  Why October?

In this new residency, sprung from an indigenous land which hosts a young country in its cultural infancy;  we're travelling to the centre of the classical art world and the landscapes that have inspired artists since the times of the ancient greeks and romans.   

What's included?

  • Accommodations
  • Breakfast and one other meal daily, plus snacks, drinks, tea and coffee
  • Unlimited local bus pass on weekdays
  • 3 guided teaching hikes
  • Private chauffeur to and from our full-day hike on St. Francis Day
  • Some 2D art materials (dry media, italian art papers, rolled canvas, and water soluble artists pigments)
  • Group discussions, supportive feedback, short talks by the curator and guest lecturers
  • Organizational assistance with you trip and self-directed activities
  • An enriched sense of place, history, and possibility, created by a thematically curated suggested reading and resource package.
  • Curatorial support for development of your project goals or residency focus

What's not included?

  • Airfare and transportation to and from the Residency
  • One meal per day (some lunches, some dinners) to allow for culinary exploration and enjoyment
  • Extra side-trips and activities not listed in the schedule
  • Personal spending money, extra snacks, extra alcohol

What do the fees cover?

On this first travelling residency, we must charge fees to cover the basic costs of hosting in our (spectacular) off-site location abroad. 

The fees pay for the rental of our beautiful seaside apartment in a historic property, two (delicious, personally catered) meals per day, weekday transportation, organizational support from the curators, lots of prosecco and limoncello toasts, a few pleasant surprises, and everything listed in the schedule.  

While we are working to acquire funding for future projects in our commitment to artist support, we can't resist taking advantage of serendipitous opportunities in hosting this residency in Italy, right now.  

*We're extremely excited to offer both free and paid invitational residencies at our permanent locations in Canada very soon!  Watch our social feeds and join our mailing list to find out about these opportunities first!

What is provided?

  • the remarkable residence itself: an artist's home in the top floor apartment of a X Century former Monastery featuring Byzantine frescoes and terraces carved from the cliffs overlooking the sea
  • an unlimited weekday local bus pass for exploration of the trails and villages along the famous coastal road
  • a private chauffeur for our full-day of coastal exploration on St. Fracis Day.  (We begin the day on the beach of Furoré, spend the afternoon on a wild-foraged food hike and farm visit, followed by an outdoor cooking class and lunch near Montepertuso, finishing with an exploratin of what Positano is serving for dinner, before our sunset drive home)
  • a day-off goup-hike along the world famous 'Il Sentiero Degli Dei (The Path of The Gods) 
  • personally catered delicious meals twice daily
  • group connection through discussions and adventures 
  • an enriched sense of place, history, and possibility, created by a thematically curated suggested reading and resource package.
  • lots of extras including local wine tastings, mastermind skill-share,  and assistance with your personal itinerary


What should I bring?


How much free time will I have?


How much group time will I have?


Am I required to make or show finished work during the residency?


Who are the curators?


What's the main thing the curators will look for in my application?



What can I expect the vibe and an average day to be like?

explain optional quiet mornings and reason for this routine, self-guided yoga, informal yet thoughtful and reflective supportive group discussions, celebratory meals, etc.

There's an experience I really want to have but I'm not sure it's possible during this residency, can I pitch it?


Will the food be delicious?

yes + address dietary concerns

What will the hikes be like?


I'm travelling from abroad.  How easy is it to get there?


What's are the accommodations like, really?

Are the seaside and grotto terraces a dreamy backdrop to esoteric conversations over a fruitful breakfast above the sea? Yes. Do the ancient stone hallways and historic frescoed chapels that make up this multi-level cave carved from the cliffs and adorned over centuries connect you deeply with a sense of time immemorial?  Without a doubt.  Monastic, but not sparse; our top-floor apartment is the home of a travelling artist, and above this historic property we enjoy the amenities of a hotel cafe and bus stop on the coastal road below.  With four bedrooms, three bathrooms, two large terraces, and shared living / dining / working / kitchen space, you'll have a balanced choice of solitude and connection. 

When do I need to commit by?  Can I cancel and get a refund if my plans change?