- The Wild: Artist in residence -

by application + invitation


Each year, The Wild: Artist In Residence selects artists from varying disciplines and backgrounds to respond to a question, theme, or curatorial call.

Artists and guest curators are always welcome to request consideration for invitation.

To apply for a residency

Please submit the application form below, as well as the following supporting documents:

  • an artist statement (max. 500 words)

  • your CV (Cirriculum Vitae), or resumé and short bio

  • 5-10 images , or a link to 5-10 video or audio examples of your work (or 3-5 examples of written work). Please provide an image or title list.

  • a written proposal (max. 1500 words) outlining your desired project or focus

Email all supporting documents to:  

*Please ensure all images are Mac compatible JPG or PNG format, and that images do not exceed 3MB.  Please ensure all written documents are PDF format. 

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Where are you coming from?
What do you like to do or use in your creative practice?
Tell us why you'd like to come here, specifically, what you'd like to do or how you'd like to be, and who you are!
Please consider your ideal residency experience and let us know so that we can make it happen!
Which location are you applying for? Please indicate: Theano Point, Wild Mill Studios, Coral Cabin, or a travelling project worldwide.
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Fee schedules respective to curated residencies in our wild places are published at the time of each program announcement.  

Fees for self-directed residencies of varying duration and location are determined on a case by case basis.

Residencies are available for periods of 4 days, one week, two weeks, or one month.

We support artists in acquiring funding from their local governments and arts organizations by providing letters of invitation and support for travel grant applications.

The Wild: Artist In Residence saves money for a rainy day, and provides scholarship support to selected artists.  Funding for The Wild A.i.R. Scholarships are generated from our annual event 'The Rainy Day Café': a salon, symposia, concert, dinner, and art show at the Wild Mill Studios in memory of Michael Stuart Burke.  Recipients of a 'Rainy Day Scholarship' are required to donate an artwork, talk, or performance back to the Rainy Day Café, in support of future resident artists.  

To make a donation directly to The Wild Residency's 'Rainy Day Scholarship' program and support an artist's career, please email